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Wind Vision Ambassador


Key Points

  • This definitive report shows that wind energy can become one of America’s largest sources of electricity while saving consumers money.
  • We can do this. This report sets forth aggressive scenarios for the growth of wind energy in America, and the U.S. wind industry stands ready to achieve these numbers.
  • The report shows that wind energy is already providing significant economic and environmental benefits to the U.S.
  • With stable policy, wind power can unleash even larger economic and environmental benefits for decades to come.


Media Tips

  • Be succinct. Focus on a few key messages and use one good fact to back each.
  • Reframe questions on wind energy myths. Use positive examples to refute inaccurate assertions, without repeating the myth.


Speaking opportunities

WEF stands ready to assist Wind Vision Ambassadors who are making presentations at conferences and workshops. But first, we need to hear from you — please let us know if you have been invited to speak at any conference or workshop regarding the nation’s (or your state’s) energy future, or if you are working to create such a speaking opportunity. Cogf0ntactInfo@windenergyfoundation.-org if you are interested.