Additional Wind Energy Resources


The Wind Energy Foundation has compiled this list of organizations that provide information about all aspects of wind energy and renewable energy.


Alaska Energy Authority

Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Alliance for Clean Energy New York

American Association for Wind Engineering

American Council on Renewable Energy

American Planning Association

Advanced Energy Economy

American Clean Skies Foundation

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

American Council on Renewable Energy

American Wind Energy Association

American Wind Power Center and Museum

American Wind Wildlife Institute

Appalachian Regional Commission

Arizona Wind for Schools Project

Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative

BlueGreen Alliance

Business Council for Sustainable Energy

California Wind Energy Collaborative

Canadian Wind Energy Association

Cape Wind: America’s First Offshore Wind Farm

Careers in Wind

Cascade County Wind

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies

Clean Energy States Alliance

Clean Energy Works for Us

Clean Power Campaign

Climate and Energy Project

Colorado Renewable Energy Society

Colorado Wind Application Center at Colorado State University

Connecticut Wind Working Group

Distributed Wind Energy Association

Energy Future Coalition

Energy Trust of Oregon

Environmental Law & Policy Center

European Wind Energy Association

Farmers’ Legal Action Group

Fresh Energy

Friends of Wind

Global Wind Energy Council


Governors Wind Energy Coalition

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association

Great Lakes Wind Collaborative

Grupo Eolico Mexico

Harvesting Clean Energy

Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative

Heartland Alliance for Regional Transmission


Illinois Renewable Energy Association

Illinois Wind

Illinois Wind Energy Coalition

Indian Wind Energy Association

International Network for Sustainable Energy

International Renewable Energy Agency

Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Interstate Turbine Advisory Council

Intertribal Council on Utility Policy

Interwest Energy Alliance

Iowa Energy Center

Iowa Renewable Energy Association

Iowa Wind Energy Association

KidWind Project

Lake Michigan Offshore Wind Energy Advisory Council

Maine Ocean and Wind Industry Initiative

Maryland Energy Administration

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Massachusetts Wind Working Group

Mass Energy Consumers Alliance

Mexican Wind Energy Association

Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Montana State University Extension

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

National Energy Education Development Project

National Renewable Energy Lab

National Wind Coordinating Collaborative

National Wind Technology Center

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nebraska Energy Office/Nebraska Wind Working Group

New England Clean Energy Council

North Carolina Solar Center

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

Northwest Energy Coalition

Offshore Wind Hub

Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative

Polish Wind Energy Association

The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World

Red State Renewables Alliance

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Renewable Energy Alaska Project

Renewable Energy Markets Association

Renewable Northwest

RENEW New England

RENEW Wisconsin

Small Wind Certification Council

Solar Energy Industries Association

The Solar Foundation

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

South Dakota Wind Energy Association

Southeastern Coastal Wind Coalition

Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Spanish Wind Energy Association

Texas Clean Energy Coalition

Union of Concerned Scientists

U.S. Department of Energy Wind Program

U.S. Geological Survey online interactive wind project map

U.S. Offshore Wind Collaborative

Utility Variable Generation Integration Group (UVIG)

Western Resource Advocates

The Wind Coalition


Wind on the Wires


Women of Wind Energy

The World Council for Renewable Energy

World Wind Energy Association