Sarah Webster, Vice Chair | Pattern Energy

Sarah Webster is Vice President of Investor Relations, Government Relations and Corporate Communications for Pattern Energy Group Inc. (Pattern Energy) based in San Francisco, California. In her role, Sarah oversees a broad range of external affairs activities including investor relations, government relations at both the state and federal levels, and corporate communications which includes media, branding, community engagement and corporate social responsibility. Sarah has been with Pattern Energy since 2013 and enjoys the many opportunities her role creates for her and her team to build relationships with stakeholders and act as the diplomatic core for the company.

Sarah has worked in the energy sector for nearly twenty years, and prior to her role at Pattern Energy held positions with Winner and Associates, InterGen, Shell Oil Company, Great Point Energy, and Wind Capital Group. She has also worked as a music writer for the Houston Press.

On her own time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, hiking in nature and listening to music.