Mark Ahlstrom, Board Advisor | ESIG

Mark Ahlstrom is the President of the Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG, formerly known as the Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group or UVIG), a non-profit educational association that provides resources and education to the engineers, researchers, technologists, and policymakers for our evolving electricity and integrated energy systems. Ahlstrom also serves as Vice President of Renewable Energy Policy for NextEra Energy Resources and WindLogics, NextEra’s subsidiary known for meteorology, energy analytics, and renewable energy integration. NextEra is North America’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun. Ahlstrom is particularly interested in the integration of variable generation into power systems and energy markets. He is actively involved at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and many activities across North America to support the economic and reliable use of higher levels of clean energy. Ahlstrom is serving as a Board Advisor in his capacity as President of ESIG.