James Walker
James Walker, Board Member | EDF Renewable Energy

Dr. James Walker is among the pioneers of wind energy. He has helped build wind farms for over 40 years around the world and has taken part in every facet of their development.

Dr. Walker was present when the first utility-scale wind turbines were installed in California, walking the hills to scout for the best locations. He’s
been a trailblazer and a leader for the industry ever since. He is author of what’s been termed by industry insiders as the “Walker Curve,” an analysis he authored finding the U.S. leads the world in wind energy production.

“America is blessed with outstanding wind resources. We invented utility-scale wind farms, and by investing in building and fine-tuning them here in the U.S., we now have some of the best infrastructure ever built in this country,” Dr. Walker recently said in commenting on the analysis.

Dr. Walker is well-positioned to talk about the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Wind Vision report after filling a key role in the George W. Bush-era’s DOE 2008 report, “20% by 2030: Increasing wind energy’s contribution to the U.S. electricity supply.”

He has been on the Board of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) since May, 2005 and is Past President of AWEA. He was named “Industry Person of the Year” at AWEA’s national convention in June 2007. In 2014, he was named Women of Wind Energy Champion.

Dr. Walker currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of EDF Renewable Energy. He served as CEO from October 2002 until March 2005 and was subsequently responsible for management of the company’s portfolio of over $1 billion of operating wind projects. EDF Renewable Energy is a leading developer, owner and operator of wind projects and is wholly owned by EDF Energies Nouvelles.

He has served in both Republican and Democrat presidential administrations by working for the Office Budget and Management (OMB) in both the Nixon and Ford administrations, and spent 8 years at the California Energy Commission in the Jerry Brown administrations, serving as Executive Director, Commissioner and Vice Chairman.

He has a BA in Physics from Princeton University and a Doctorate from Harvard Business School.